The following links give you an overview about my program. All links (not impressions) have thumbnails to speed up the download time. If you click at the thumbnails you get a big picture and you go back with the back button of your browser. The colors of the pictures my be a little different to the original bears, because the scanner changes it a little bit. If you have questions or you are interested in anything send me an email. I only send my bears when you have pepaid them. The prices are inclusive tax without shipping.
If you have a little time after your journey I would be glad if you would sign my guestbook.

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this is me ;-)

 Ursula Pfister, Brunhamstr. 22, 81249 Munich, Tel:089/87139114, Fax:089/87139113, E-Mail:

My teddybears are mostly made of real mohair, full jointed, filled with cottonwool and/or steal/plastic pearls. All concepts are designed by me and all bears and other stuffs are very carefully handcrafted by me.

I do not send any prospects by mail, because I have no one. I present my bears in the internet, at the shows and at the address you can see at the end of the page . If you need further information, please send me an email or come to my shop.

My Shop

AkkordeonCenter Pfister, Brunhamstr. 22, 81249 Munich, Tel: 089/8713840,
Mo-Fr 9.00-13.00 u. 14.30-18.00